Acrylic Pens

These pens are made from acrylic blanks that come in an almost limitless variety of colors and patterns- including corian to match your new counter top. Click on the images below for more information.

Acrylic Ellipses

These hefty pens are s step up from Sierras. - $29

Vertex - Molten Metal

This image shows the other side of the vertex pen on this page. $32

Vertex - Molten Metal

This vertex pen is made with acrylic called "molten metal." Another photo is posted showing its other side. $32

Bolt Action Zebra

This Mega Bolt-Action pen is made from black and white acrylic with a "zebra" pattern. $38

"Boardroom" Pen

This hefty acrylic pen has a postable cap and takes rollerball refills. $35

Acrylic Euro Designer Pens

This photo shows a sampling of Euro Designer pens. These twist pens take a Cross refill and are a popular choice. $30

Slimline Acrylic Pens

These acrylic slimline pens ("jellyfish" and "hot pink") take Cross refills. $19

Vertex Roller Ball

This black and white acrylic vertex pen has a magnetic cap and a roller ball cartridge. $37

Gatsby Pens

These acrylic Gatsby pens clearly come in a variety of colors and patterns. They all take Parker or Schmidt P9000 refills. $22

30 Caliber Click Pen

This "bullet pen" is made with desert camo acrylic. $25

Gentleman Jr. Acrylic Pens

These hefty pens have a postable cap, and will certainly make an impression. The ink cartridge is a smooth writing Schmidt refill. $28-$35

Gatsby Acrylic Pen

This Gatsby Acrylic Pen take Parker or Schmidt P9000 refills. $22

Gatsby Acrylic Pen

This Gatsby acrylic pen take Parker or Schmidt P9000 refills. $22

Euro Designer Acrylic Pen

This Euro Designer twist pen is made with a brownish marble-looking acrylic. It takes Cross refills - $30

50 Caliber twist pens

These twist pens are made from real 50 caliber cartridges. The "bullets" are made from different woods (walnut, ipe, etc.) or a camo acrylic. The are not for pocket carry, but sure make a statement on somebody's desk! They take Cross refills. - $18

Pink Acrylic Slimline

This slimline pen is made with pink acrylic and take Cross refills. This is one of Alice's favorites. $19

30 Caliber Pink Pen

This .308 pen takes standard Cross refills. Know a shooter who likes pink? $20

Corian Slimline Pen

This pen is made with left over Corian from somebody's counter. Putting in a new kitchen? Want a pen to match your new counter? $20