Boardroom Pens

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These are also called "Gentleman Jr." pens, but they are renamed as "Boardroom" here. These hefty pens have a postable cap and take rollerball refills. They write like a dream!

SALE ON THESE PENS - These pens are no longer being made. If the cap is screwed on too aggressively the threads can break. I want to clear these out, so now all are $22.

"Board Room" Pens

Also known as Gentleman Jr., these rollerball pens have postable caps. They are no longer being made because overly aggressive tightening can strip the threads. Those pictured here are cherry, oak, and walnut. Clearance at $22

Board Room Pens

These smooth writing roller ball pens, also known as Gentleman Jr. Pens are being closed out. Pictured here are oak, acrylic, and cherry burl. $22

Black and White Acrylic

The black and white acrylic of this pen is called "Zen" and it is either black or white, depending upon your view. $35

Deer Antler

This handsome, hefty pen is made with whitetail deer antler. $45

Boardroom Pen

These hefty pens make a statement in any boardroom. They have postable caps. $35