Bowls clearly can come in different woods, sizes, and shapes. All are food safe, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Pictured here is just a sampling of what you can order. These sell so quickly I am unable to keep this page current. Click on photo for full screen image and description.
If you have an interest in a specific type of bowl or wood, just send me an e-mail (
Burned Spruce Bowl
Spruce Bowl - Burned and Dyed
Large Spruce
River Birch bowl
River Birch Bowl
Spalted Oak with Turquoise
Spruce Bowl
Cored Hickoery Bowls
Cored Hickory Bowls
Cored Cherry Bowls
Locust vessel
Ash Burl Bowl - Large
Cherry Bowl
Amur Maple Bowl
Ash Burl Bowl
Spruce bowls
Amur Maple
Amur Maple
Natural Edge Walnut with tourquoise
Natural Edge Walnut with Tourquoise
Walnut shallow with edge
Walnut with feather bottom
Walnut with feather
Russian Olive
Russian Olive
Boxelder Bowls
Boxelder Bowls
Walnut Bowls
Walnut Bowls
Maple Bowl
River Birch
River Birch
Spalted Maple Bowl
Spalted Maple Bowl
Small dyed maple bowl
Cherry Burl
Kentucky Coffee Tree Bowl
Cottonwood bowl
Natural Edge U. of Dubuque Ash
Walnut with Feather from Grinnell
Walnut Serving Bowl
Walnut from Grinnell College
Apple Bowl
Grinnell Walnut and Birch Bowls
Walnut Bowl
Ash Bowl
Segmented Vessell
Natural Edege Pecan
Emerging Walnut Bowls
Brucemore Maple Bowls
Cedar Bowl
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Oak SegmentedJPG
Walnut Tray
Apple Bowl
Oak Brucemore Nat Edge