Items shown on this page are odd sorts of things that I had fun making.

Fun Stuff

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Natural Edge Votive Holder

These natural edge votive holders are made with cherry wood that still has its bark. These holders protect the bottom of the votive. $5 (includes votive)

Wooden Fruit

While not bowls, I didn't know where else to put the wooden fruit that I've turned. If dyed, these were dyed with food coloring and look like real fruit. (The bowl is boxelder and was pattern was "pyrographed.") Click image for fill screen photo. $12-15


These are Christmas tree ornaments made with stabilized corn cob and corn husks. $6.95

Light Pulls

These are light pulls made with walnut. $12.95 per pair.

Wooden Eggs

These are wooden eggs turned from different kinds of wood. The bowl is black locust, the growth lines of which were brought out with a torch.

Dragonfly Paperweight

This is a paperweight with an image of a libellulid dragonfly burned on to it. Special images of yours can be added to paperweights using this pyrography process. $18

Breakfast Anybody?

I sort of got tired of turning just eggs, so this is a breakfast made completely of turned wood and wood shavings.