Letter Openers

Do you have lots of bills to open? Are you tired of ragged envelopes? Want to give a unique gift but you don't want to spend too much? If so, one of these letter openers is for you.

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Grinnell College Letter Opener

This letter opener is made with walnut wood from the Grinnell College campus and has a gun metal finish. Very special! $19

Letter Openers

These letter openers, from left to right are made with stabilized corn cob, blue acrylic, maple burl, and deer antler. $25

Antler Letter Opener

This letter opener's handle is a turned deer antler. - Prices vary from $25-$35 depending on on much dark, textured antler exterior is included.

Boxelder Handled Letter Opener

The flame in this boxelder-handled letter opener can be better seen in the next photo. The boxelder came from a tree here in Linn County. - $25

Boxelder Letter Opener Close Up

This photo shows the flame in the locally collected boxelder wood used for a letter opener handle. - $25

Antler spike letter openers

The handles of these letter openers are made with the spikes of whitetail deer antlers. They are buffed to give them a shiny surface. ($22)

Gay Pride Letter Opener

This letter opener has gay pride colors (ROYGBV) between walnut. $21

Antler Letter Opener

This sturdy letter opener's handle is made with whitetail deer antler. $28

Corn Cob Letter Opener

The handle of this letter opener is made with stabilized corn cob. $20