Historic Brucemore Oak

This natural-edge bowl is made from an old oak that still grows on the historic Brucemore grounds. $60

Spalted Natural-edge Oak

If this natural-edge, spalted oak bowl could talk it would tell quite a story. It is truly unique. $50

Oak SegmentedJPG

This 6” bowl is made from a piece of oak (Quercus sp.) wood, and is finished with food-safe salad bowl finish. It has a 16-segment ring made from walnut (Juglans nigra). This oak bowls looks like it belongs in a Frank Lloyd Wright or Craftsman Home. (#353) $29

Oak #218

This 5 3/4" oak (Quercus sp.) bowl was turned from a crotch destined for the wood stove. It is finished with food-safe salad bowl finish (#218) $23