Pill Holders

If you need to have pills with you and always available, one of these pill holders is perfect for your key ring.  These can be made out of any woods, acrylic, corn cob, or antler.  Below are just a couple of examples. Click photo to enlarge.
Shotgun Shell Pill or Whatever Holders

These screw-top "pill" holders are larger than the regular pill holders and look like 12 gauge shotgun shells. $29

Corn Cob & Acrylic Pill Holer

This unique pill holder is made with real Iowa corn cob and black acrylic. Quintessential Iowa - black Iowa soil and corn cob. $18

Wood and Acrylic Pill Holers

Shown here are a walnut (left) and acrylic (right) pill holders. The "top" is attached to the key ring and screws into the pill holder. $14

Shotgun Shell Pill Holder

This 12 gauge shotgun shell pill holder is made with bloodwood that I gleaned from somebody's discard pile. Currently sold out. - $29

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Pill Holder

These are made with spalted maple and look like 12 gauge shotgun shells. They hold plenty of pills, matches, etc. and are a perfect gift for the hunter. Currently sold out - $29.95

Acrylic pill holder

These can be made in a variety of acrylics, wood, even corn cob. $11.95

Corn Cob Pill and Toothpick Holder

Carry pills in the stabilized corn cob pill holder (above) or toothpicks in the corn cob holder (lower) wherever you go. $11.95

Walnut and Corn Cob Pill Holders

Never be without needed meds again - take them with you on your key ring with one of these pill holders. $12