Slimline Pens

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All of these pens take readily available Cross refills.

Wood Slimline Pens

This photos show an assortment of wood slimline pens. $20

Acrylic Slimline Pens

This shows an example of acrylic slimline pens. $19

Pink Acrylic Slimline
Corian Slmline

Do you have any counter top left over? Why not have a set of matching pens? $20


These wood slimline pens are made from cherry, ipe, and yellow wood. $19

Cypress Slimline
Oak Slimline Pens

As you can see, pens can be made with a variety of shapes and "grips." These are made with oak. $19

Cedar Slimline Pen

This slimline pen is made with eastern red cedar wood. $19

Willow Oak Slimline Pen

This pen is made with willow oak (Quercus phellos) from Memphis, TN! $19