Wood Pens

Most of these pens are made from native or reclaimed woods. These are some of the pens available.

Select the style from the images below.

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Stratus Pens - Spalted Hackberry
Stratus pens take Parker style refills. These unique pens are made with spalted hackberry from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. $22
Ellipse Oak Burl
This striking pen is made with oak burl from Cedar Rapids. It takes Parker style refills. $29
Vertex Click Pens
Shown here are dyed buckeye burl, cocobolo, and buckeye burl. These Vertex click pens take Parker style refills. $32
These Sierra pens are made with ash wood from the University of Dubuque campus. They are engraved with the university name and take Parker style refills. $28
Bolt Action Spalted Oak
These Mega Bolt-Action pens are made with spalted oak and have a hard, shiny CA glue finish. $38
Scirocco 1,000 year old oak
This Scirocco pen is made with 1,000 year old Polish bog oak. $39
Gallant Cocobolo
This elegant, hefty pen - made with cocobolo wood - takes Parker style refills. $26
Gallant Bog Oak Pen
This Gallant pen, a step up from a Gatsby, is made with 1,000 year-old bog oak wood from Poland! It takes Parker style refills. $29
Grinnell College Spalted Birch
This Gatsby pen is made with spalted birch from the Grinnell College campus. $22
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